The Benefits of Sleep

How can sleep benefit your health and exercise performance?

Written by
Georgina Grimble
May 11, 2022

Helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Sleep keeps metabolism high and reduces the production of a hormone called Ghrelin. This is the hormone that makes you feel hungry. Therefore, sleep can help to keep your weight stable and limit the risk of weight gain.

Improves brain function.

Such as concentration, cognition and productivity.

Boost your immune system.

Sleep can aid so many essential parts of the immune system including the innate response which helps keep pathogens and harmful bacteria out of your cells and destroys them before they can make you ill.

Improves memory

As you sleep our short term memories get converted into long term memories.

Strengthen your heart

A lack of sleep causes a higher release of cortisol which can cause high blood pressure. Therefore, sleeping reduces this risk.

Improves exercise performance and recovery

Sleep is important to allow the body to recover from exercise, repair muscles and restore its energy sources from food you have eaten.

Helps us build muscle

As we sleep our body produces growth hormone which is a factor that helps us to build lean muscle.