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Looking for a Nutritionist in Bromley? Discover Focal Point Nutrition's Expertise in Balanced Diets and Personalized Nutrition Plans.

About Focal Point Nutrition:

Empowering you to become your best self and HIT your goals

Focal Point is your one-stop shop to have your nutrition programmed for you. How many times have you followed a diet plan and not understood why it is prescribed?

Our Goal
To assist you in reaching your wellness goals by providing tailored nutrition and support."

Our Belief
Equiping you with the knowledege and understanding of nutrition for long term health and vitality.

Embark on a transformative health journey, where we guide you towards sustainable lifestyle changes and nourishing habits.


What Focal Point can offer

Weight Management
Achieve your desired weight through personalized meal plans and lifestyle adjustments.
Pre & Postnatal
Specialized support for a healthy and fulfilling pre and postnatal journey.
Sports Perfomance
Optimize your athletic performance with tailored nutrition strategies and fueling techniques.

Taking You to the Next Level

A Fully Qualified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Level 3 Gym Trainer
CIMSPA Registered Personal Trainer
Level 3 ANTE and Post Natal exercice
Advanced EFQ Level 7 in Performance Nutrition
SENR- Registered Sports Nutritionist
Member of the British Dietitian Association (BDA)
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What our clients say

Our clients choose us because we prioritize their nutritional needs, helping them achieve their goals in weight loss, sports performance, and overall well-being with tailored guidance and support.

"Georgina has really helped me understand nutrition and my own macros."

"I have always loved exercising but never really known what is best to eat to fuel my sessions! Georgina has really helped me understand nutrition and my own macros, which helped me to tone up as well as increasing my running performance. She has really built my self confidence in both exercising and nutrition.”


"I even upped my sessions from one to to two a week because of how much progress I was making in our time together."

Training with Georgina is a great experience, She took the time to understand my strengths and weakness and so the sessions we had were really tailored to what I needed. I felt challenged and motivated to go the extra mile, so the results I got were ten times better than doing it alone. Thanks Georgina!


"Georgina did not only help me train hard and lose weight, she also boosted my confidence in a totally new way."

Previously I bounce from diet to diet never seeing any long term weight loss and just feing constantly tired and low in energy. Georgina helped me understand my nutrition and now I have not only seen massive weight loss but I also feel great and have tons of energy.


"Her ability to explain exercises and dietary requirements have been outstanding."

Georgina’s support throughout has been invaluable, her ability to explain exercises and dietary requirements have been outstanding. With her lecture on importance of sleep and her advice on healthy eating and how that impacts performance, I wouldn’t of been able to push through to the next level without her guidance.


"Would recommend Georgina for anyone who is struggling to tackle changing their diet and improving their lifestyle"

I have had the pleasure of having Georginas support over the last few years. Georgina is extremely friendly, approachable and genuine person who is able to really understand the goals you are trying to meet with your diet and training plans, helping you shape these in line with any commitments you may have.

Daniel Lewis-Green

"She constantly pushes me to progress and always makes me feel ready for a new challenge!"

I always come away from sessions with Georgina feeling happier, stronger and more confident. She constantly pushes me to progress and always makes me feel ready for a new challenge!


"I’m excited to continue my journey with him to reach my goals."

I have been a client of Stephen’s for only 8 weeks but in that short amount of time I have become fitter, stronger and most importantly have been able to really enjoy exercising again. His sessions are always great fun and he makes them interesting so I’m learning all of the time. It is my first experience using a PT and I was a bit nervous but he has made me feel comfortable from the first week and hands down the best decision I’ve made.

Emily Dack

"I never thought I would say that I love exercising but I can finally say that I really do."

I have been having PT sessions with Stephen for 8 weeks now and the journey so far has been amazing. Stephen makes the sessions so, so fun and I genuinely look forward to them every week. Each week we do something different to the last and I am always learning and perfecting form and technique. I feel the fittest and strongest that I have ever been and it’s still only the beginning of my journey.

Hannah Smith

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